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Communicate Like A Pro


Our Mission

Living in the digital era, overwhelming flow of information and virtual engagement happen every second of our lives. We interact in front of our screen and less for in-person communication. We, especially our young generation are observed to have deterioration of communication skills, especially for the professional spectrum. 

Currently no primary/secondary schools are offering professional communication classes.The mission of CLAP is to advocate the professional communication training for youth to be started as early as possible, for greater occupational competence. 

Our Belief

CLAP believes that communication is for everyone. With the right training, everyone should be able to communicate like a pro and earn their own CLAP in every arena. 


Communication skills should not be refined to mere technique for talking or public speaking. Communication is a full funnel of "how you think" and "how you talk". Speaking the right words requires more than just the magic of picking the right terms, but also a mind with sensitivity and reasoning. 

What We Do

We aspire to develop laymen communication tools that works for all, for early age as well as for adults.


We offer affordable programs for early professional training with the vision to eventually improve the next generation with competent communication and presentation skills. 

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